How do you build a fire in your organization? The sort of fire that everyone helps to build, the sort of fire that everyone wants to sit around, wants to talk around, wants to dream around. A fire that grows.

Building a fire at fforest is often about the stuff that’s between the ‘work’; the communication and exchange of ideas that goes on over dinner, over a beer at the end of the day; creating clarity and headspace through outdoor adventure or workshop activities, whilst taking a jog through the river gorge or just a walk through the woods.

The spirit of the outdoors, great local food, the beauty of our landscape are things that make fforest distinct, memorable, rewarding. An experience and a place that encourages engagement, collaboration and creativity.

If you’ve come to the realisation that you can never light a fire in a hotel or convention centre, come build a fire and warm yourself at fforest.

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What we are

We are creative.  We have the space, resources, facilities and skills to create events that make a difference. 
For almost 10 years we have been hosting great events, building creative workshops and promoting the outdoors in our magical 200 acres. In our big tents or barns, we’ve had incredible speakers, performers, adventurers, artists and renegades: People like Gruff Rhys(Musician/Author), Tim Berners Lee (The World Wide Web), King Creosote(Musician), Tim Smit(Eden Project), Zac Klein(Vimeo), Bill Drummond(Artist), Geoff McFetridge(Artist) .
We’ve looked after tens of thousands of people at over 100 events. Trust us.


We are nothing like a conference centre but we do (almost) everything a convention centre can. And more. We do great food, great air, great coffee. We have big spaces where up to 200 people or more can sit down to eat together, to engage with a presentation, be entertained, dance, sing, play. We have multiple small intimate spaces indoor & out where small groups can think, work, plan, design & dream.

We don’t do carpet, air conditioning, or vending machines.


We start with you. We then work with you to map out the route to delivering a successful event.


We are comfortable with events for up to 200, but we have 200 acres of options. If you have something bigger in mind talk to us.


Year round with limitations on numbers from November - May.


West Wales, Cilgerran, SA43 2TB. Drive west till you hit the sea. London 4.5 hrs. Bristol 2.5 hrs, Cardiff 2hrs. Click to see where we are on the map.


What we provide.